Download FME

Download FME

To evaluate FME

1 Download FME Desktop

To download the latest version of FME Desktop, go to the Safe Software website and choose the version and operating system that are right for you.

2 Apply for an evaluation license

If you have already installed FME Desktop on your workstation, you can directly apply for a 14-day evaluation license by filling out the following form. For other types of licenses, you can visit the Pricing page from FME Desktop.

3 Where to find the Registration Key to activate my license?

The Registration Key is a 10-digit code (0-000-000-000) that can be seen in the FME Desktop Licensing Assistant utility.
This code is unique to each computer and makes it easy to generate custom license files.

4 How do I install my evaluation license?

After receiving the license file by email, run the FME Desktop Licensing Assistant button and click the Install a license file provided by Safe Software to be able to locate the file fme-license.fmelic. Finally, click on Activate.

Request an evaluation license

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