What is GTF?

GTF is a web application dedicated to the centralization, documentation and sharing of processes performed with Safe Software’s FME Desktop software.

With GTF, your users can easily run FME processes using the forms you have prepared. You can make your treatments available through the application itself, or integrate them into your organization’s website.

GTF is intended for all FME users: local authorities and public administrations, network managers, GIS service managers, industrialists, design offices, government services, logistics, emergency services, security, etc.

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What can GTF do for you?

Make your FME processes available on a web interface

GTF is an application that allows you to set up the execution of an FME process via a form that includes the published parameters of the project, and to download the result if there is one. The use is simple and fast:

  • Pool all or part of your organization’s FME processing
  • Give all your data providers and producers access to quality control functions
  • Allow your employees to extract their data autonomously
  • Give users who are not familiar with FME the possibility to integrate data

The form design studio: easily generate a user interface!

Customize your forms as you wish!

GTF has a form design studio with which it is possible to customize the layout and add or remove parameters.

The application provides more than twenty types of parameters ranging from simple text input to the drop-down list fed by a database through maps to enter geometries with added layers (WMS, WMTS, XYZ …) and many others.

Modify your existing FME project settings, add your own options, link them to data sources in your project or created in GTF, and only what the user needs through dynamic conditional display.

Set your parameters as you wish

With GTF’s form studio, organize the information your users need. Choose the order of your parameters, the number of elements per line or the height and width of the cards.

You can arrange your settings with a simple drag and drop or click. You can show and hide the elements you want, or put them together in a single row to display them in columns.

In a few seconds, you can obtain an attractive, intuitive and easily readable result.

Manage user privileges

Each user has a personalized interface according to his rights. GTF organizes users into three main groups:

  • Users can only launch projects and can only supervise their own requests
  • Authors can publish FME projects and supervise all requests.
  • Administrators can further administer the application, manage users, modify the configuration etc

You can create your own roles and groups to regulate access to FME processing or project data streams.

Automate the execution of your workspaces

The triggering of your FME worskpaces can be done manually by a user or be triggered automatically. Among these automatisms, GTF proposes two systems:

  • Subscriptions: your treatment is launched periodically. For example “Every day at 11pm” or “On the 1st of every month”
  • Watching: your process is launched in response to an event. For example “Send an email when a file is dropped on a shared folder” or “Trigger an FME workspace when an item is deleted in a folder”

Outsource your projects

Processing requests can also be launched from a third-party software. For this, GTF provides two tools:

  • An API allowing to perform the same actions as the interface
  • Widgets corresponding to an HTML code to be integrated in a web page

You can create your own roles and groups to regulate access to FME processing or project data streams.

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